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Avignon to Arles

In search of little Black fungi!!!!!

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Dear All

So after sailing for most of the night, we ended up on the outskirts of Avignon and cheerfully dumped overboard onto buses so we could hunt out some Truffles. Well not exactly, but you get the picture I'm sure. The main reason I wanted to do this was so I could pat some dogs. Or hoped I could.

We end up on this place with rows and rows of Oak trees of many different varieties. Kind owner comes out to explain to us simpletons about how he finally makes ends meet farming Truffles. During the course of the conversation, he mentions he used Labradors to do the leg work. Immediately sold to me as far as I am concerned. Really the only dogs worth having are Labradors. Sorry. No offences to other breeds. My opinion anyhow!!!! So, talk continues with owner and assembled. Next thing he brings out his mobile, says a couple of words in French and the next thing, Voila!!!! This Labrador duly arrives with sack and bikkie tin wanders into the group, sits in front of the owner and looks rather accomplished at her work. Of course, a bikkie is provided and then she scoots off and starts to ferret out Truffles. I think it took about 12 nanoseconds and she was scratching and digging at the dirt nearby. Very small truffle found but rewarded with a bikkie. The dog was soon joined by another of 12 months of age and together between the 2 of them, they found about 10 small truffles. It isn't Truffle season at the moment, so not unexpected about the no show. Next thing, the older dog decides she's had enough adoration and bikkies and wanders off back to home so she can rest up. What a life and am I jealous? Hell yes!!!!

Time to bid Au Revoir to the Truffle farmer and to where the boat was docking at Avignon. In between we had a quick walk through Avignon and discovered there were a number of good shops to visit. And we did!!! Hadn't really had the opportunity to do much shopping really, and now looked like a good time to do so. So back to the ship. Drop any excess gear, have lunch and hit the trail running!! Well!! Must say. Managed to give the good old Cash Card a bit of a work out. 2 x pr Jeans, 1 x pr Shorts, 1 x pr Shoes and a new set of frames for my next prescription of glasses.

Today we've been out to an Olive farm and learnt about the harvesting and processing of Olives. Interesting. Wouldn't race off again for a visit, but it got me walking, which really is a good thing.

We also went out to where Vincent Van Gogh ended his days in a Lunatic Asylum close to Arles. Poor bugger really had the odds stacked against him with Mental Health problems, Epilepsy, Syphillis and the towns people all hating him. Probably because he dared to be different. Got so bad, he decided to give himself a one way ticket out of here. Oh! And that's after hacking half his ear off. Seemed like a good thing for him to do at the time I guess. Anyway, I find it gob smackinly amazing that people who are the most creative, innovative and way before their time are one or two sandwiches short of a picnic. Or the magnets are just not quite magnetised as they might be!! If this really is so, the question is, what's happening with me then???? Oh well. I guess some questions are better left unanswered!!!

Today is also packing day. We leave the ship tomorrow and end up in Monte Carlo. Goodness knows how that will go. So will have to wait and see.

Take care all


Bryan and Ron

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