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Surviving in 30c heat with the flu!!

sunny 32 °C

Dear Readers

Apologies for not being in contact for a day or two and not keeping up with the blog thingo!!

So, where to start.

We arrived back in Paris early AM Thursday 8th. I was feeling a little under the weather, and not booze related I might add, but dreadful rigours. I didn't go anywhere but lazed around on the ship, which after all is some of what this holiday is about I would think!! Anyway, missed out on a tour of the Eiffel Tower. Thank goodness I've been before, so no big tragedy really.

The next day, was off the boat by 09:00, a tour of the Louvre then off to the train at Gare de Lyon. If any of you saw my FB posting on that, you'll know I didn't get to see the Louvre. But according to Ron, I didn't miss much. Again, I've seen the Louvre but the tour guide concentrated on moats down in the dim dark recesses of the Louvre which had only been discovered a few years ago. Apparently there was a flying visit to the Mona Lisa but nothing of Bonaparte's apartments.

Then, off like a shot, we were off to Gare de Lyon. Well. All I can say is, I'm glad we stayed with the tour group and not stay on board until about 12:30 and make our way to Gare de Lyon. The place was absolutely jam packed with black taxis, Scooters and all levels of humanity. Finding your way anywhere really would've been a challenge. However, challenge time was on! The train was late!. During all of this time, announcements being made in French, with not a hint of English translation. Guess the French think that everyone speaks French, naturelment!! Anyway, an announcement was made and next thing half of Gare de Lyon moved to a different platform, which was fortunate because this apparently was where we our train would now be leaving from. Keeping the tour guide in sight was a real challenge. And then the plot thickens. We had tickets for car 3 and were standing at Car 3. Little did we know that 5 seconds previously, it had been car 13. And it had filled up with all of the passengers who were meant to be in Car 13. So, offload very disgruntled passengers in narrow corridors and then get into our allocated seats. Phew!!! The trip itself was uneventful thankfully but some people were really in a dither for quite some time!! Including our dear mild mannered Ron!! So for once, it was me calming him down and not the other way around. Who woulda thunk it???

On arrival in Lyon, were are deposited into this absolute heaving mass of humanity. I have never seen so many people gathered together and transiting one point all at the same time in my life. The only way I could keep up was to stand next to the guide, and when she took off, I was in hot pursuit but keeping an eye out for Ron. And of course, you had to contend with people wanting to cross you travel of path at all angles. Was a major feat of navigation let me tell you. Apparently we lost 2 people on the way, but they were sensible and got into a taxi. They arrived at the Quai, the same time we did. Darned hot too, I can honestly say. 32c when we arrived. The weather here is a little strange. The day starts off cool and chilly even, then by the afternoon around 16:00, it heats up to 30 - 32c. Difficult to work out what to wear really. First world problem really I guess.

After getting on board and checked into cabins, it was time for all to disembark for an event gastronomique. I didn't go because I still felt like I'd been run over by a truck. So stayed on board and had about 6 spoonfuls of the best Chicken soup I've ever had but couldn't eat any more. And, get this readers, I refused offers of Wine! Can you believe it??? The poor waiter was truly horrified when I told him apologies to the chef, beautiful soup but just can't eat anymore. He tried all sorts of temptations to get me to eat, but Non!!!!

This morning we've been Basilica Notre Dame, Fourviere. I'll see if I can load some piccies on. And there lies another tale.

I decided to be my own help desk because I was being told the start up disk was full. Tried all sorts of means but resorted to being ruthless and in the process, deleted my iPhoto Library. And now I can't load photos on in Travellers Point. However, I have thought of an alternative method, so stay tuned.

Anyway. The day has been a little easier. I'm nearly over this flu. Nasty cough and feel absolutely dreadful. But certainly better than I was. If you hear me cough, you'd think I was smoking about 60 a day. The rest of the information is classified due to its offensive content.

Take care all


Bryan and Ron

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