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Arles to Monte Carlo

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Hello Dear Readers

So, I seemed to have sorted the IT issues. As always, 1x little thing to do and Whammo!!! There you go!!! It's working a treat now.

Yesterday was the drive down from Arles to Monte Carlo. Must admit, didn't see a hell of a lot except for the back of my eyeballs within 5 minutes of sitting in the bus. I'm still quite sleep deprived from my Flu issues and still doing a lot of walking as well. So by the time we get to bed, I'm usually quite happy to be there, but the quality of sleep has not been the best with all of the coughing. Have managed to find these lovely lozenges which, if I take one of them when going to bed, I'm now out like a light until about 02:00 and I'm not complaining about that at all.

So what did we see on our first day in Monaco/Monte Carlo??? Well really, it only takes about an hour to see the place. The trick is getting back to see places if you don't have the legs of a goat!!!! My goodness!!! The hills are steep here. And the Hotel we are staying in, has been built on ground re-claimed from the sea!!. Speaking of Hotels. We are in absolute luxury here. Although I do wish someone would do something about the scenary!!! Some yobbos keep parking their boats in our view and spoiling the outlook. Not to mention the ocean liners there as well. We had dinner at a little restaurant on the foreshore of Monaco with a lovely bottle of Rose!!! What more could you ask for really!! Prosecco perhaps????

Today, we've been for a road trip to the highest point here in Monte Carlo. The views are absolutely spectacular. The whole city, principality or whatever you want to call it has been built into the side of a mountain. The engineering here is amazing. Apparently there is a 660% VAT on any buildings here, which helps keep Prince Albert's coffers topped up along with all of the Tourist trade. Never thought I'd get to the stage of being sick of seeing Bentley's and Ferrari's but really, they are becoming oh so five seconds ago!!! Only kidding. My eye's are bulging out of the sockets with all of the expensive machinery driving around here. Saw a McLaren today and just as he went around the hair pin bend near the Hotel, he opened it up. OMFG!!! The noise was amazing and wonderful.

Also, this morning there were enterprising young men with vintage sports cars at the front of the hotel. The cars could be hired so you could really play the part of a poser around Monaco!! I've got a photo or three and will post them when I can onto the blog. Needless to say though, the E Type convertible got my vote and I would've given both of them to take the car home. Sadly, no one was interested in any Jaffa's for the day!!!

During the morning we also went to the Palace and had a walking tour around there. Also saw the changing of the guard.

Whilst looking around the crowd, I hear this very familiar voice saying "Bryan Russell..............I can't believe it!!!! Sure enough, it was my good friends Jackie & Geoff Graham. Last I saw of them they were in Portugal. But here they were, right in front of me and with huge hugs, it was G'days all round. Absolutely fantastic to see them. Of course, the next time I do see Jackie, it will be back at work!!!

We haven't done much this afternoon. Bit of a rest day really.

So will send this on to be up on the blog now.

Cheers all.

Bryan and Ron

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