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New York - Ottawa

Well Hello Ottawa!!!! Spring has sprung!!!!

sunny 16 °C

Hello Dear Readers

Hope all are well

Not a lot to tell you really. Have been very slack and not doing a hell of a lot!!

So - New York!! Beautiful place in many senses. Does your head in, in other respects. It seems the City Fathers and Mothers decided that not only would they start digging up half of Times Square whilst we were visiting, but also half of the streets. Therefore, streets that originally had room for horse and buggy now had room perhaps for two billy carts to pass by each other. That along with an ambulance trying to get through with the Blues and Twos flashing and not getting anywhere in a hurry made for some amusement indeed. We took a Hop on Hop off bus down 7th Avenue and at one stage it took about an hour to move about 2 kilometres. I kid you not!! If it weren't for the fact we had already walked a fair way that day, we would've got out and walked. As it was, we did the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, 911 Memorial followed by a Night Tour of Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn all in the one day. Not bad really for a couple of oldies!! I did put a few piccies up onto Facebook and will put some up on the blog soon.

The next day we flew out of New York and into Ottawa. So! I didn't mind the staff of United Express. The woman that helped check us in was really helpful, even though she spoke like she was in Military Academy. But I will say if it weren't for her, the plane would've taken off without us because figuring out their check in system took more than a little contemplating. Then through the friendly team looking after Security!!! OMFG!!! Such bad tempered arrogant pigs!!! Ooooops!!! Forgot myself. Honestly!!! The BS you have to go through to get onto a plane these days!!! And have they caught anyone yet??? Hell No!!!! But I guess it makes the everyday punter feel safer to go through rudeness and pat searchs, losing your pants because your belt is in some stupid little tray not to mention keeping an eye on your wallet and passport whilst they go through all of the scanners as well. Truly does nothing to enhance a happy journey I must say. OK. Rant over!!!

Well not quite. Then we are bundled into this tiny little jet with seats the size of the kiddie chairs sold at Bunnings and this tin can is as hot as hades!!! I also think the chairs were those sling type chairs like they use at outdoor cinemas, because this skinny little arse had decubitus ulcers by the time the Jockey managed to spear us into the tarmac at Ottawa Airport. Anyhooooooo!! We managed to survive that nicely too. Character building I think it is glibly called!!

Today we had a free day to do whatever we wanted to do. So what does one do when the luggage capacity is at the limit??? Shopping of course!!! Managed to find some really beautiful Teal blue Chinos, a grey knitted cardigan (Just to please the colour consultant of the team - I mean surely Navy blue knitted tops go with Orange sweaters underneath!!! It's all I had folks for a lovely chilly 6c morning) and some jocks and socks because I've nearly run out and I'll be short for the last couple of days. And Hell might Freeze over, but my Butt isn't gosh darn it!!! A new bag is also on the shopping list now strangely!! Also found this really wonderful Barber shop and had a fantastic trim because I was really starting to get a little wild and woolly. Don't want to be mistaken for a Bison, so trimmed I am now!! And smell really nice to boot!!! Not that I smelt bad to start off with, but I'm sure you get the drift!!

So folks. We head out tomorrow morning with Rowan, Jenni, Izzy and Rhys for parts unknown. Should be fun and looking forward to that. Piccies to follow from that little venture as soon as I can get them loaded up.

Take care


Bryan and Ron

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