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Mt Tremblant and Shopping - Yeehaaaaa!!!!

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Hello Dear Readers

Well our visit to Mt Tremblant went well. Rowan dutifully arrived driving 6.4 litres of wonderful American Dodge V8 which certainly put a smile on my dial!!! Off to Quebec and along the highways to Mont Tremblant, kids playing happily in the back for Oh Dunno!! about 5 minutes. Then the pinching, shoving and "Mummy, he's looking at me/hit me" started". So Mummy had to intervene with threats of iPods being confiscated for 2 weeks and other dastardly threats which seemed to work for most of the way. Then when we arrived, whilst Daddy was trying to concentrate and find a parking spot, all out War erupted in the back of the Dodge!!! Well Dear Readers, after calling in the United Nations and sending in the peace keepers, we managed to extricate the two main players from the back of the Dodge and it was just like hitting a light switch. All instantly calmed down. Must say though. All jokes aside. The two of them really are great kids and they do look after one another. It's just funny watching the antics going on. Really makes the day entertaining.

First thing we do after stopping for a bite to eat is onto the Gondolas and up towards the Ski resort. Izzy was just a tad hesitant but managed to be a brave girl and deal with the ride. All was fairly uneventful for the second Gondola trip up to the Ski Resort. Funny about the second ride though. Ron was standing looking at the billing boards and a woman casually asked if he was planning on using the Gondola to get up to the top. When he replied he was, she handed him 8 tickets and said she couldn't use them. No sooner had she handed them to him and she disappeared off into the Sunset like she'd never been there. So somehow we managed to score $160.00 of tickets out of the blue!! What a lucky day!! And a big Thank You to the Perfect Stranger for offering the tickets. Somehow or another we'll have to find a way to pay that one forward.

After we'd looked around at the top, oooooing and aaaaahhhhing at the scenery we came back down the mountain and Izzy went on the Bungy jumping (kiddie style of course) gizmo and they all had a go at the Luge!! Turns out Rhys is as competitive driving his lugemobile as he is with Ice Hockey and tried to out manoeuvre Daddy. He came off second best, but I do suspect it's only a matter of time, and a short amount of time at that, and he will be tipping Daddy out of his lugemobile!!! Still waters run deep with that young man and you can see the wheels turning.

From here it was a gentle walk down the hill to the Dodge with all being kept quiet (except for me) munching on Beaver tails. Yes folks, Beavertails, but not as you might imagine. They are a type of pastry deep fried then sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, followed with Lemon being squeezed on to all of this. The result is yummo!!!

Anyhoooooo.........back into the Dodge and back into Ottawa with repeats of previous antics but not as intense this time. I think the rides etc managed to calm them a little. The only issue was Izzy decided she'd die if she didn't have Moxy's for dinner (Chain Restaurant) but considering the time and all of the proceedings for the day, Mommy put her little size 7 down and damped down any further discussion on this subject!!! Again, very funny watching all of the antics and certainly not out of place.

The following day we went to the Museum of Arts and had a look at most of the wonderful works of art on display. We didn't go into any of the contemporary exhibitions as they are not what we like. And following that we went shopping!!! How unusual. I now have another bag so I can take all of the extra stuff home.

This morning we went on the Lady Dive Amphibious bus tour. Was a great way to see Ottawa we really enjoyed that. Oh! and because I was one day short of my 60th Birthday, I got a Seniors ticket. So there are some advantages for being an Old Fart!!!

For the rest of the day, we haven't done much. We suspect the next couple of days may be action packed, so we're girding our loins (figuratively speaking of course) and getting ready for what might be to come.

Take care all


Bryan and Ron

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