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The countdown continues

5 days to go

semi-overcast 15 °C

Dear All

Well the bags are half packed, the house is nearly ready to vacate for the Pet Sitter. Do understand the emphasis on Pet Sitter and not House Sitter. The fact the house will be lived in is merely coincidental. The objective is really to care for Madam!! She who seems to have taken a keen interest in harvesting her coat of late.

Speaking of whom!! She went outside a few minutes ago. It is now 2 minutes past her dinner time and who should be standing on her hind paws scratching at the glass door commanding attention!!! Darned humans!! Haven't they learnt to pay attention yet????

Anyhoo........I digress!!!

So good readers

Stay tuned. More will be coming your way soon


Bee and Ron

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Counting down

Not long before the big adventure begins

storm 16 °C

Dear All

So now the adventure is nearly upon us

We fly out of Perth August 28 to Dubai and finish the flight in Paris the next day.

So far preparations are going quite smoothly apart from a little gnashing of teeth and one heart stopping moment when I suddenly realised I couldn't remember where my passport was. Thankfully I looked in one of the many safe places and there it was. Phew!!!!

Aleena seems to be sensing somethings up because she's started to take a much keener interest in her coat. Surprise, surprise. Little piles of fur everywhere at the moment and a few bald patches showing on one of her legs and on her side. Bless!!!!!

I've downloaded Game of Thrones, The Black Adder and a few other bits of pieces onto a portable hard drive to take with me and keep entertained. Only to be told that Emirates has endless supply of things to keep little people entertained. Oh well!! Might finally get to see GOT perhaps but I think the rest will be waiting for freezing wet days back home. Of which there have been plenty recently.

So dear friends. I'll log off for today. Just getting things started for the adventures.

Take care

Ron and Bryan

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