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Monte Carlo - Milan - New York

Hang on to your Jocks Betty, this is getting faster than you think!!!!

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So dear Readers

Sorry for not being so disciplined about writing the blog but I've been out and about having fun. By the end of it all, I'm knackered

However, on to what's been happening!

Monte Carlo was a place that once seen, you may not really want to go back to again. It's the same for me and Venice.

There are so many beautiful things, beautiful cars, beautiful people. But it's all so hideously expensive. And a lot of the staff in the hotel were just a tad on the pretentious side. I guess they deal with big money all day long. So for them it really is nothing. But that comes across to travellers who have decided to splurge money and not really spared the expense, even though they aren't made of money, as cold and not welcoming. We thought the Fairmont Monte Carlo was OK. But for a 5 star hotel, it lacked a lot of good vibe.

We did get to see the Ebbussi De Rothschild. A villa built by one of the extremely wealthy members of the Rothschild family and it really is fabulously over the top. From what we were told by the tour guide, this woman was more interested in animals than people and she had many pets of all shapes and sizes. She even arranged a wedding for one of her prized poodles. All I can say is, I'm glad I didn't live there and have to put up with her BiPolar personality. Apparently she was well and truly over the top with dealing with people and hit many of her architects with an umbrella if she was not getting her way. I would have found another use for that umbrella and it wouldn't have been opening it up where the sun was shining, let me tell you.

To finish our last night in Monte Carlo, we went to dinner at a seaside restaurant near the hotel. Lovely place, lovely meal and was having a great time. At one point though, Ron mentioned something about a person holding "court" in the restaurant. Turns out is was none other than Novak Djokovic. He visits the restaurant whenever he is in town and whether he loses or not. He also has motivational talks with all of the restaurant staff and knows all of them and their family by name. Certainly shows the mettle of the man!!

The next day was our travel day to Milano. The only stressful part about that was getting the train in Monte Carlo. Only stressful because we should've caught the train from Nice. But after having a conversation with the concierge at the hotel, she stated point blank "but Monsieur, you will pay $100.00e for a taxi to Nice and a 45 minute drive, only to come back through Monte Carlo and then onto Nice!" So, paid $15.00e instead and then hoped the train actually did stop at Monte Carlo and not go straight on. Fortunately she was right and we made it to Milan. Late but we made it.

Then booked into this fabulous Hotel. It's called Room Mate Guilia. Fantastic. Only 4 star, but ambience, decor, staff ran rings around the 5 star Fairmont Monte Carlo. We were working out how we could cancel New York and stay longer in Milan. However, logic soon returned, darn it, and we had our one night stand there. Milan is very beautiful and we managed to see a little of the town before we had to head to the airport and fly into New York.

I've already mentioned about my lunch episode at the Emirates Lounge on Face Book. Suffice to say, I'll never trust a red capsicum again!!! Nearly turned myself inside out. Thank goodness for the Baileys I must say.

Booked into another fabulous 4 star in New York called Hotel Casablanca. The decor does have you thinking you'll bump into Humphrey Bogart or Lauren Bacall at any stage. The view out of the window is totally dreadful but that is all I can say bad about the place. All of the staff just too happy to help you, full of helpful suggestions, room clean if a little small. But in reality, another winner here

We spent most of the day on the hop on hop off buses, working out what to see next. So tomorrow is the big swoop on the Statue of Liberty, 911 memorial and perhaps the Top of the Rock. I think that will finish our time here as we'll be off to Ottawa fairly early on Friday.

So take care folks


Bryan and Ron

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