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Paris Day 3 - 4

Getting over lessons being learnt

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Dear Readers

Hope all is well with you all

So our adventures started with doing our Laundry. Who'da thunk it to travel all this way to do washing. But has to be done. So off to the Lavarie we go. On arrival, "Ferme" with a sign advising 12:00 opening. Fortunately a young lady was in discussion with some shady looking character and it seemed she too was looking for the Laundry. So stalking became the name of the game. We managed to keep up with her and struck up a conversation. Found the Lavarie and the the next dilemma started. How to use the machines. Seems everything is controlled from a wall panel, including detergent, dryers and change. But the directions were just a touch hazy at best. Clearly, this situation is not unheard of and the next thing, this lady is showing us how to use all the machines along with another Aussie, who also knew what he was doing. Turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip. The woman was an American lawyer working in Paris. Very interesting to talk to. The Aussie was from Melbourne and we met more Americans who didn't know the ropes but we showed them and also met some Parisians who were also helpful and friendly.

After seeing to all the domestics, it was off to the Ferries and get around to see some sights. Show our tickets, and Non! Can't use these but if you pay 38:00e you can cruise until 21:30. Funnily enough, that ripped off feeling again returned. I might add, it's not clearly indicated when, where or anything else to provide just a little direction!! Those lessons continue to be learned!!!

Anyway, we hopped on board after paying the money! Really CBF'd arguing about it, and went to Petit Palais. Beautiful paintings and sculptures. Spent a couple of hours there. Had lunch, then off to Notre Dame

Notre Dame is truly gob smackingly beautiful. Can't believe it took so long to build and they are still adding to this beauty to this very day. I'm not a religious person, but I truly appreciate the devotion people might have for their religion and build such beautiful works of art so they may pray or other religious reasons. The devotion is truly awesome!!

We went back to Cafe St Germain. The previous night we'd had dinner there and sat next to another Aussie couple. Paris is virtually crawling with Aussies. Everywhere you go, you hear the accent and don't know whether to run and hide or bite the bullet and introduce ourselves. In this instance we got along well. Our waiter was as cheeky as and started to give us heaps. So in true Aussie style, we did what any red blooded Aussie would do, and dished it all back to him. He was such a laugh and every chance he could, he'd pull the P*ss out of one of us! He got a good tip that night. Probably his strategy to survive there. That was where I had that absolutely wicked dessert. I really need to work all of this off soon.

Day 4

Not much to say today. We had to pack and book out, so it was off around town near the hotel then into a taxi to find where the boat leaves from.

Was about to dial up Uber for transport and went out front of the Hotel. Just as another couple were arriving in a Taxi which had lots of carrying capacity. So quick discussion with the driver, grab Ron and baggage and off to Port De Javel.

Well the first issue was whereabouts the boat left from. We finished up near a Cement factory, which forgive me if I'm wrong, but I don't think a cruise would leave from there. Thankfully, Chrissie (bless her little cotton socks) sent me an email with the address, but also a link to a map. The driver grabbed my phone, hit the link and there we were. About 1 kilometre from where we were supposed to be. Nek munnit, he hit another feature on the phone and it began to give him directions. Oh bless modern technology (in this instance) and we found where the boat was docked but not very clearly marked. I could see the boat, but it was docked behind some other boats and small bars, as in drinking bars, dispersed in between. So anyway, he left us there (with a good tip I might add) and then it was where to find how to get on board from there.

So, have bags, Ron and tickets!! OMFG!!! Tickets!! couldn't find the darned things. Then had an apostrophe and realised I didn't recall seeing tickets for the cruise whilst I was busy scanning and saving it all to the cloud!! Found the booklet with reference number and walked around to where I discovered parking and people waiting to check us in. Crisis averted. So back to fetch Ron and Luggage and walk it all to the boat. From there, neither of us were allowed to touch the luggage because these big burly fellas took it all on board and straight to the room. Such service!! When I did go to start walking my baggage on board, I had this person with a horrified expression on his face telling me "no, no sir!!! We will do it. Relax. You're on holidays!!" Magic to my ears.

Anyway. All on board. Unpacked and waiting to take off for our adventure. Piccies to follow soon.


Bryan and Ron

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Day 2 - 3

The fun continues

sunny 26 °C

Hello all

We picked up our tickets for the Hop on Hop off bus Tuesday morning. Got taken to this very deserted street off the main roads of Paris and the driver was out of there like a shot!!! Kinda made me feel just a teensy bit nervous but all turned out good in the end. We were early for the tickets, as the office didn't open until 10:00 and we were dropped off at 08:30. So as you do, went for a look look down down.

Walked along, looking at this and that. Decided to have a coffee and needed a pit stop, so into Macdonalds. Well, clearly interaction with humans was not the preferred option. Instead, you had to key in your orders on a machine. Which was in French. And the pictures were just not very big. Managed to navigate myself around that and paid for with my card. Went to the counter to pick up and low and behold after asking for a bottle of water, got charged all over again. It simply was too difficult and my Mental Health was being adversely affected (read starting to lose my sh*t), so let that one go. Of course, there's the end result of feeling like being ripped off with eyes wide open. Oh well. Lesson learned and I'm sure not the last.

Then after getting the tickets, down to get the bus. Simple the girl behind the counter says. Turn left out the door, follow down to the main street and turn right. Except she left one little tiny bit of helpful information out!!!! It was about a 2 mile walk to the darned place. Would you not think that having the office where you pick the tickets up and the pick up point might be of more benefit to be just a tad closer??? So anyway, breakfast was walked off, so some positives after all.

So we reach where we get on the bus. Oh no!!! You don't just hop onto the bus! You have to go into the office and have the tickets scanned. And given some more cards of Museum passes, public transport and the bus tickets. But wait dear reader!! The 3 day pass is only 1 day for the Hop on/off bus!!! But for $10:00 euro each, you can upgrade the ticket to 2 days. Heavy sigh!!! $20:00 e handed over and that ripped off feeling returns again. Checked on the web site later and this issue is stated but very easy to not get the gist of it at all, particularly if you are not used to the site. Love these lessons we're learning.

Anyway. We stayed on the buses for both routes and saw some amazing sights. Now we have a better idea of what to see over the next couple of days and sorting out which way to get to them. Either by Hop on/off or public transport. Or even old fashioned walking. And with all of the food we've been eating, walking might not be a bad idea

Whilst we were on the bus, Ron drew my attention to an absolute vision and one that you would only see in Paris. There was a fella crossing in front of the bus in this bright Lemon suit with matching Lemon coloured framed glasses mincing his way across the Rue Rivoli. One of the visions that once seen it cannot be unseen!!

We had lunch at the Royal Opera cafe. The waiter was fairly close to what a lot of people have in mind of a Frenchman. Rather arrogant, not a lot of tolerance for ditherers or it would seem Americans. 4x of America's finest took over the table behind us. One of the women began to keep pushing her chair back into Ron's chair. It was only a matter of time before words might have been spoken, but they saved us from that. Lots of dicking around with what they might like. Although, it all started off with "I want". Next thing waiter is going "OK. Is it me or is it you??? You have a problem, No??" He finally made some sense of the order and walked away muttering "Merde". We gave him a good tip when we paid because he entertained us so well.

Dinner was also an experience. I saw Sausage on the menu and thought a change might be in the offing. So asked and was told it consisted mostly of Tripe. So, politely declined and ordered the Chicken instead. Low and behold, this "thing" was offered to me laying on a bed of chips. If I didn't know any better, Theon had just been fixed (Game of Thrones people, you will know what I'm talking about). There is was, sitting on the plate staring at me with was seemed like a foreskin on as well. All charcoaled here and there from the grilling. I nearly died. So off to the nearest waitress with offending object on the plate and then had to wait for some considerable time for the chicken. Which, when it did turn out, was half a bloody chicken and enough fries to choke the Hulk. Oh well. The fun continues then!!

Day 3

Very simple. It was shopping. We found a fantastic shopping centre with 5 floors devoted to L'Homme. Heaven!!!! Burberry, Diesel, Gucci, Polo Ralph Lauren. OMFG!!! I was like a kid in a lolly shop!! Even saw a pair of boots in Purple and they were exquisite. Each shoe/boot is individually dyed and can even have initials put into the shoe. Bargain at 300:00e. Didn't buy them, but truly tempted.

Did buy a pair of Red Chinos. Red seems to be the colour over here at the moment!

We also walked for miles. Although see previous comments about that. Managed to have a look at Musee D'Orcy. Magnificent. I'll put a couple of piccies on the blog. Just wonderful. Things there from Rodin, Gaugin Toulouse La Trec and Van Gogh and so many others I can't remember their names.

Anyhoo............Time to put this one to bed


Ron and Bryan

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overcast 24 °C

So dear readers

We've survived the nearly 20hrs of travel getting here.

I did put a couple of posts up on Facebook, so sorry to those who don't have FB access.

So we managed to get through OK without too many hassles!

Got into to the Business Lounge at Perth Airport and the first horror issue was some drunk pommy skank, who was having multiple loud speaker conversations with various relies or some such. She also had this rather gross obese husband who at one stage told her he was off to the loo! She stopped mid conversation on her phone and asked (shouted) to him if she needed to give him a hand! Bearing in mind, this is a Business Lounge. And of course, she was seated near us on the plane. Fortunately, I think she drank herself into a stupor and didn't hear much from her for some of the flight anyway. Bless her little cotton socks!!

Ron had a bit of an issue getting through security in Dubai!! He kept on setting off the metal detector and stripping out/off ever more gear. Poor bugger was hanging onto his jeans so they didn't fall down!! I was just imagining that any moment now, he's going to be crash tacked to the ground and tasered!!! Then I remembered his hip!! He got pulled aside after some serious discussions amongst the guards, then they swabbed him for explosives!!! Go figure.

Meanwhile, yours truly was left hanging onto his own jeans and trying to pick up all my own gear as well as Ron's. Fortunately I bumped into someone I knew who happened to be with us at the time. She picked up some of the year I couldn't quit pick up then waited with me for Ron to be finder being searched/swabbed!! Thank goodness for Em!! Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with her soon!!

Will finish for now. More to follow tomorrow.


Bryan & Ron

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The countdown continues

5 days to go

semi-overcast 15 °C

Dear All

Well the bags are half packed, the house is nearly ready to vacate for the Pet Sitter. Do understand the emphasis on Pet Sitter and not House Sitter. The fact the house will be lived in is merely coincidental. The objective is really to care for Madam!! She who seems to have taken a keen interest in harvesting her coat of late.

Speaking of whom!! She went outside a few minutes ago. It is now 2 minutes past her dinner time and who should be standing on her hind paws scratching at the glass door commanding attention!!! Darned humans!! Haven't they learnt to pay attention yet????

Anyhoo........I digress!!!

So good readers

Stay tuned. More will be coming your way soon


Bee and Ron

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Counting down

Not long before the big adventure begins

storm 16 °C

Dear All

So now the adventure is nearly upon us

We fly out of Perth August 28 to Dubai and finish the flight in Paris the next day.

So far preparations are going quite smoothly apart from a little gnashing of teeth and one heart stopping moment when I suddenly realised I couldn't remember where my passport was. Thankfully I looked in one of the many safe places and there it was. Phew!!!!

Aleena seems to be sensing somethings up because she's started to take a much keener interest in her coat. Surprise, surprise. Little piles of fur everywhere at the moment and a few bald patches showing on one of her legs and on her side. Bless!!!!!

I've downloaded Game of Thrones, The Black Adder and a few other bits of pieces onto a portable hard drive to take with me and keep entertained. Only to be told that Emirates has endless supply of things to keep little people entertained. Oh well!! Might finally get to see GOT perhaps but I think the rest will be waiting for freezing wet days back home. Of which there have been plenty recently.

So dear friends. I'll log off for today. Just getting things started for the adventures.

Take care

Ron and Bryan

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